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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Name Your MOST Embarrassing Moment

Okay girls--I double dog dare you to tell us about your most embarrassing moment. For me, there are numerous ones and I'm guessing that's the case for you too. At least, I hope so!

Here's one: One Saturday, I had to rush out and do some errands and most of my pants were in the wash, so I grabbed a pair of old capris I hadn't worn in a couple of years--which turned out to be a bad idea.

I rushed out the house and noticed that people were treating me weird everywhere I went. The way they were gawking at me was so rude--it infuriated me. Finally, I scrapped the rest of my errands and returned home. I couldn't wait to tell my husband all about it, but as soon as I started talking, even he started staring! Even in my own home!

Just as I was about the read him his rights, he pointed to my pants and asked me if I felt a draft. When I looked down I gasped. The inseam of the pants had completely ripped apart, revealing part of my underwear! AGH! I wanted to scream! I had walked around all day with the inseam of my pants ripped open. No wonder people were looking at me. I would have done the same if I'd seen some strange woman walking around with a big gaping rip in the inseam of her pants.

I still blush when I think about it--and believe me, I try NOT to think about it much.

NOW, let's hear your stories! I CAN'T WAIT! 
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