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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pictures From Our Flip Flop Exchange!

(From Left: Linda, Maria, Dannielle, Margaret, Jill, Beth)
(From Left: Jill and Beth)
Dannelle tries her flops on for size!

Susan! Connie!

A Flowery flip flop Sonnet

Hello ladies! Our babes group just had our annual flip flop exchange, and it inspired me to write a little something about one of my favorite summer accessories.

I love flip-flops. There's something about them that signals summertime and happy days....the gentle flap, flap of rubber hitting concrete; the fresh air tickling my feet; all those pretty, painted toenails coming out of and adults running screaming from the fire ants (Oops! Sorry, I think that's just in Texas). Ok, even with the fire ants, I STILL love flip flops, so here goes:

How do I love my flip flops, let me count the ways:

I love them in the summer, when my feet are fancy-free;

I love them in the winter, in Houston, you will see;

I love them in the springtime, even in the rain;

I love them in the fall, though the days are on the wane.

I love them when it's sunny, 'cuz my feet get toasty tan.

I love them when it's cloudy, I can still be somewhat glam.

I love them when it's raining, they won't fall all apart.

My flip flops, I love you, you're dear to my heart!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our Second-to-Last Study of the Spring Semester!

(From left top): Beth, Margaret,
(Bottom): Jill, Mensure', Connie, Kate
(Below): Linda in the middle

Our Babes With A Beatitude study last week at Beth's beautiful home. We squeezed in  two chapters of Revelation, then adjoured to the dining room to choose scrapbook supplies from a catalogue for a mission friend overseas. She wants to work on card crafts with the local ladies. 

We headed out from there to a delicious TexMex lunch at Rico's.#

This past Tuesday, we completed our study of the Book of Revelation. It was an uplifting, utterly amazing year, studying end-time events--one that none of us will ever forget.

Afterward, we exchanged summer flip flops with one another. Hopefully, some of the Babes who took foot pictures will post them! C'mon ladies!

Then we went to lunch at Buca d'Pepo's and since there were ten of us--were able to sit in the Pope room! There's just nothing like a poly-resin image of the pope encased in plexyglass resting atop a lazy susan, to ramp up the excitement over lunch. . .hehe

Our immediate goal was not to eat--but to make our solemn waiter crack a smile! We were about to say grace when the young man came into the room and asked if we needed anything else. Dannelle, a mischievous twinkle in her eye, asked him, "Wanna say grace?" To our surprise, he immediately agreed and a small smile lit up his face. Turns out he was a devout young Christian who happened to be in a serious mood that day. From that point on though, he smiled A LOT! 

Keep visiting the Babes Blog and Web Site!  We'll get those pictures up soon!


Friday, May 22, 2009

Confessions of a (Mostly) Happy Childhood

What are you thankful for from your childhood? Think back, on things big or little, and ponder how God was with you as a child, shepherding you, and nurturing you, with his loving care.

Growing up in a lovely, old neighborhood in a mid-size town in Oklahoma, I had a childhood pretty much like many other Americans. Dinner at the same time every night, regardless of whether we were hungry or not, watching Carol Burnett and Bob Newhart on TV on Saturday nights, playing on the "jungle-gym" in an elementary school yard.

I certainly had nothing to complain of, well-fed and clothed.....except for one thing. I lived on a dead-end street where there were no other children to play with. Because there weren't any other kids around, I learned how to entertain myself. I played with all the neighbors' dogs that I could, and if the grown-ups were outside working in the garden I'd pester them to death until they let me join in their activities.

One neighbor, in particular, was very accomodating. She and her husband allowed me to have free reign in her backyard, which was wonderful. They had a double lot, with the back part being a wide open field. Her property was filled with unusual trees, shrubs, and flowers, a perfect setting for a magic kingdom. Of course this made for endless possibilities for my imagination. I spent many hours being a fairy princess reigning over her subjects: all the plants, and animals, especially the dogs!

The most wondrous thing about this particular neighbor, however, was the basement in her house. It was filled with childrens' books, old hand puppets, and all kinds of tchotchkes to catch the interest of a nine year old girl. I spent hours down there in the summer, soaking up the stories in the books, from Russian fairy tales to "How to take care of your Pomeranian."

Most of the time, I was a regular kid, just trying to get through school, (and figure out how to get out of my chores!) Not much power over her life. But at my neighbors' house I was transformed into Wendy or Dorothy or whoever I wanted to be. Those childhood experiences have shaped me in ways I never imagined. Today, I still love to read and escape from the humdrum of life by writing and reading.

What about you? Do you have a special place or memory of your childhood? Even in the most difficult times the Lord will provide a light for us. What did He provide for you? Remember and be thankful to him. God can use our experiences, no matter what they are, to grow and mature us to be more like Him.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ode to Little Debbie Spinwheels--By Jill McKechnie

Yes, I know this isn't exactly a devotional, but with summer coming up, and childhood memories returning, I thought, why not?

Little Debbie Spinwheels, your looks are so fine,

When I hold you in my hand, I feel so divine,
your dough is exquisite, your flavor so tasty,
Brown sugar & cinnamon so crunchy and flaky;

Little Debbie Spinwheels I'm glad you are mine,
 I savor every bite when I'm in a bind;
 your middle, how gooey, your color, how pretty

Peeling away your goodness makes me quite dizzy

Little Debbie I've loved you since I was a kid,

But if I gain weight, from you I'll be hid!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Dear Babes,

Before our spring Bible study on the Book of Revelation ends this month, we're going to have a Flip Flop Exchange Lunch!

Email your shoe size to me privately and on Tuesday, May 26th we'll have lunch after our last meeting and exchange our flip flops. Last year we waited till August to exchange them, but it makes more sense to exchange them now, as summer is almost upon us.

SO email those shoe sizes to me ASAP and I will jumble them all up and assign you someone to buy for.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Looking to the past, as we prepare for the future

Back in 1992, my grandmother had recently died, and I took a week off from work to spend time with family, especially my granddad. I think the passing of his wife had got him to thinking of times past, so on Memorial Day week-end, we took a literal trip down memory lane. Mom and I drove to central Oklahoma, and met my granddad. It was a precious time, visiting his former home, driving by the fields of broom corn where he had toiled to earn extra money, and visiting the cemetery where his grandparents were buried. He told us many stories of his growing-up years, but one in particular stood out.

My grandfather and his sister walked to school every day, about two to three miles both ways. One winter day they set off for school, just as usual, coats buttoned up, lunch pails in hand. It started snowing and became colder and colder. 

Granddad's father realized that conditions were becoming dangerous, and set out to look for his children. He found them crying and frightened, standing in the snow because they couldn't go any further.

That story really touched me. How a loving father, concerned for his children, comes to their rescue. Isn't that what God does for us? He will not abandon us. In these challenging, difficult times, we need to remember that when we feel we can't go on any longer, the Lord will be there. He will help us and take care of us.

Hebrews 13:5b,6 "...because God has said, 'Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.' So we say with confidence, 'The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?'"