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Friday, August 28, 2009

My Little Man is Growing Up--by Jill McKechnie

School started this week. it's been a bittersweet time for me, with my oldest son beginning junior high. So many memories, long forgotten, have come to mind.

Today, I was listening to the Allman Brothers while I was cleaning. Those songs, though not the most spiritual, nevertheless bring back such memories for me. Memories of a time of emotional highs and lows; everything in life seemed incredibly wonderful, or absolutely tragic. I felt on the cusp of something new and exciting, just waiting for me. Where did those times go?

I remember my first kiss. I was at someone's birthday party, sitting with a boy in my class that I liked. He just reached over and kissed me. Afterwards, I looked around, amazed that no one else had noticed! Rockets had gone off, an orchestra was playing - how could everyone act so normal? I remember my dad picking me up at the end of the party, asking me about how things went, did I enjoy my self, how was it, etc. "What is he talking about?" I thought. "Can't he read my mind and see that I've just had my first real kiss? Good grief!"

Ah, love. Now my oldest son is starting seventh grade. He's on the cusp of something new. Of changes, and thrills, and agonies he only dreamt of before. My heart aches for him already, even though he hasn't yet experienced his first love. All I can do, and it is enough, is pray for him. Pray that he will continue on the straight and narrow; pray that he will find a deeper relationship with Jesus; pray that he will have strength to overcome obstacles that may come his way. Pray that at the right time (when he's about 30), the right one will come along.

A bittersweet time. I'm going to try to savor every moment.


Anonymous said...


I hope that time through Junior High and High School slows down for you and you are right to enjoy each moment. They slip away so quickly. I'm with Linda and just sent my son off to College. Jimmy was my youngest and now I've got an empty nest. It just seems the other day I was Home Schooling him. These are such special times, and times they need you more than he will admit or want. My prayers are with you also.

Dorothy McCann

Linda Kozar said...

Jill, Dorothy, this really is a tough time. I've dealt with it by imaging my daughter is off on a retreat somewhere. I closed the door to her room. (Well, the truth is she left it so dirty I need put on a HazMat suit before I go in there). But I know other moms who sleep in their child's bed and look through all their pictures and cry A LOT. That hasn't happened to me YET, but it will. It's tough being a parent, isn't it?

Dorothy McCann said...

It is tough being a parent and the hardest part is letting them grown. It is God's plan, but we as parent's aren't always ready to let them go. My prayers are with you both.