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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thoughts on Marriage

Woohoo--the wedding pictures are coming in!
Wedding Picture From Kate: ((Kate and David Young)
I almost got married in France while studying there in 1986, but 3 weeks before, everyone was afraid of terrorism by Libya. So, I cancelled all our plans and went back to our hometown to a small chapel wedding. My wedding outfit however is from France. My grandma made this small cake for a church reception and then my parents hosted a larger party 2 weeks later after our honeymoon in Hawaii. I hated being the center of attention of even a chapel wedding… I even broke out in hives right before the ceremony all over my back for everyone to see~!

This week I thought it might be interesting to hear from different women about thoughts on marriage--
  • marriage do's and don'ts
  • what they've learned from the marriage relationship or experienced through divorce or loss
  • what works and what doesn't
  • helpful tips or humorous thoughts:)
So let's hear from you ladies! 

(Below: Michael and Linda 1989)

P.S. I'd LOVE to post your wedding pictures!


Connie P said...

I surely am not an expert in marriage, but first I think a Christian needs to marry a committed Christian. I've been married almost 27 years and I know enough to know I know nothing about marriage. I do know God is faithful and able to work in every circumstance committed to Him.

Kate said...

I'm convinced men don't hear what you say unless you put it into terms they can relate to. I wanted new bedroom furniture for YEARS as we had mismatched hand-me-downs. My husband, however, couldn't care less what things look like as long as it's functional, so my desires for new furniture fell on deaf ears. Until one day he was contemplating buying a new car, and I said, well, why should you get another new car (current one was 3 years old) when I haven't ever been able to buy new bedroom furniture? Not letting me get new furniture is like making you drive a beat-up Pinto all these years. Cars are really important to you just like this furniture is important to me. DING-DING-DING, I don't know if the lights finally went on or if he finally heard what I had to say when I put it into terms he could RELATE to. Either way, it worked, and I got my new furniture. He got his car: Not the one he wanted, but a cheaper version he's been very happy with. He's been talking about another new car...hmmmm, a trip to Paris sounds about right, LOL~!

Linda Kozar said...

Connie--I think anyone who stays married should automatically become an expert! Especially for 27 years! Cudos to you Miz Connie!

Linda Kozar said...

Kate-I know what you mean. We slept on mattresses on the floor for the first 5 years of our marriage. I complained for years and then one day, I had an aha moment. I told my husband, "just how long do you want to be a college student sleeping on the floor? It's time to graduate to an adult sized bed and bedroom set!" So we went out and bought one right away. AMEN! I've been off the floor now for years!