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Friday, March 27, 2015

Cuppa Tea and Cupcakes--A Pleasant Way to Celebrate A Spring Day With Friends!

Cuppa Tea and Cupcakes

Spring is in the air. Palm Sunday and then Easter are fast approaching and the sun is warm and welcoming. At least where I live.

So why not celebrate in a simple way? A simple afternoon tea with close friends is a great way to entertain on a dime. 

First: Text a sweet invitation to your friends. Use an image you own (like the one I purchased from Fotalia above) or if you have skills, draw or paint an image of a darling little cupcake. Take a picture and send it with your text invite.
You are invited to enjoy an
afternoon "Cuppa Tea and Cupcake"
with Linda Kozar and friends
at her home
You're presence will be the 
icing on the cupcake!

Second: Gather what you need to host your tea. If you own a few teapots or can borrow a few, let's be honest, teapots make a tea party a tea party! So gather those teapots. Do you have tea cups? Same advice. If you don't own enough tea cups for your guests, borrow some or cruise the dollar store for plain cups and saucers. You can embellish them by placing pink cupcake papers flat on the saucer, tying bows out of thin satin ribbons on the cup handles or even painting little hearts or other designs on the cups. Pair a small plate, spoon, and napkin with each teacup and set the table.

Third: Choose your tea. It's always best to have a variety of teas on hand. But a good crowd pleaser is usually an English Breakfast Tea. If you can afford it, buy a Mango, Raspberry or Strawberry Tea for those who enjoy a fruity flavor. And a Chai for those who like spice. Keep some non-caffeine options open too. Chamomile tea has a pleasant taste and has a calming effect. Perfect for those with busy lifestyles. 

Fourth: Bake your cupcakes! Use a mix, ladies. This is an easy tea. Not fancy or elaborate. All we're serving are tea and cupcakes. If you live near a Trader Joe's, I adore their Vanilla Cake Mix. There are flecks of vanilla bean throughout and each bite of cake is heavenly. Easy to make too. A piece of cake! (Sorry, I couldn't resist).

How about two kinds of cupcakes? Cake mixes (especially with coupons) are reasonably priced. Serve a chocolate fudge cupcake right alongside your vanilla cupcakes. Or strawberry cupcakes with a batch of Dreamsicle cupcakes. Let the ideas flow! Bake and ice your cupcakes the morning of your tea so they're tender and fragrant. Plate them on a pretty tray with a tiny vase of fresh flowers from your garden or a sprig of herbs. And voila! Your table is set.

Fifth: Now to brew the tea. Word to the wise. Never try to brew tea in a coffeemaker. The residual oils from the coffee beans will spoil the taste of your tea. Trust me--I tried.

  • A tiny pitcher of milk or cream
  • A small bowl of sugar or sugar cubes (*You can pipe some leftover icing on each cube if you have some left from icing the cupcakes. Place leftover icing in a small sandwich bag, then snip a tiny opening off one corner of the bag, hover the corner over the cube and gently squeeze).

Boil a large pot of water, or use a teakettle if you have one on hand. The first thing you should do is pour boiling water into the teapot you plan to use. Put the lid on. Cover the pot with a tea cozy and let it sit for a few minutes. Warming the teapot in this manner will keep the tea hot a lot longer. After a few minutes, dump the water out, then place your loose tea or teabag into the pot, fill the pot with boiling hot water and replace the lid and tea cozy (or clean dishtowel). In a scant few minutes of seeping, your tea will be ready to serve!

Now enjoy a pleasant afternoon of good tea, glorious conversation and delicious cupcakes with dear friends. What better way could you celebrate a delightful spring day?

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