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Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Loser Cruiser--by Linda Kozar

When Babes With A Beatitude releases in December, you'll get to read all about my Loser Cruiser! That's a VAN to the uninitiated. A standard Mommy mobile!

Mine is a 2000 Toytota Sienna with lots of mom miles on it. I drove the girls to soccer, basketball, baseball, swim and tennis practices, gymnastics, dance, art and music lessons, movies, the mall and everything in between.

I'm quite certain there are runaway French fries and Cheerios in the dark chasms between the seats. Milkshakes and orange sodas left permanent stains on the carpet. The leather seats are worn and cracked. The door handle on the left passenger side comes right off! There's a picture of me holding it in my hand! Take a gander at that!

Don't get me wrong--I've loved every minute in my loser cruiser, but feel that it's time to think about trading it in. My kids are grown up and I've grown out of the need to drive a van. I'm ready for something sporty, fun and RED! Maybe polka dot! Or Leopard! WOOHOO.

But not quite yet. I'm still teaching my 16 year old to drive. That's where owning a loser cruiser comes in handy!

The thing I love most about my cruiser though are my RAPTURE READY FISH on the back of the VAN. That's right. Like many other Christian families out there, I express my faith to the world by attaching a silver metal fish, one for each member of my family, (the Biggest One represents Jesus) to the rear bumper of my vehicle. HOWEVER, with me, there's always a twist!

I pointed my fish facing upward. WHY? Because they're ready for Jesus to come back and RAPTURE them! Do I hear an AMEN???

So let me know what you think. I hope that many of you will feel inspired enough to slap some RAPTURE READY fish to your vehicle.

WOO HOO! Jesus is coming back!!!
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