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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer--and the living's easy. . .by Linda Kozar

When I think of lazy summer days, I can't help remembering many summers past. The sun-washed picture above is from a family vacation a year ago--in Destin, Florida. Michael, the girls and I were on a virtually deserted beach at sunset--like we were the only people in the whole entire world. As the sun began to descend, it embellished everything with a golden glow--a true Midas touch. Even the shells looked glorious!

In the cast of that golden light, I thought about the Lord and how His light changes the way we look at everything. The very moment a person is born again, the world begins to look different and so do we. In fact, nothing will never look the same again. The lens of God's love has a very different focus. When we see people with the love of Christ, compassion wells up inside. When we look upon our Father's world, we see its infinite beauty and complexity.

So today, whether you stand alone upon a windswept beach, upon a majestic mountain with a breathtaking panorama below, or in a lawn chair by a kiddie pool, rejoice in the light of the Lord and in the day He has made for you.

"Arise, shine; for your light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen on you" Isaiah 60:1 KJV


Anonymous said...

absolutely beautiful Linda! and so true...its amazing how the light of Jesus will take away the shadows the enemy tries to cast upon us...Kind of like showcasing his treasure...that's how he sees us...

thanks for ya,
your co author Dannelley

Jillya said...

Awesome, Linda! We are so blessed

Lisa Buffaloe said...

Beautiful thoughts, Linda. I'm soooo grateful for God's SONshine.

Linda Kozar said...

Thanks Jill
Thanks Lisa!
It was fun sharing the memory--it was SOOO hot today, I kept thinking about that beach!

Susan Hersch said...

What a lovely devotional. I can relate. God is everywhere at all times. Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart. Much love, Susan