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Friday, September 25, 2009

Written with Fire--by Danielle

I had a dream from awhile back I'd like to share...

I am one of the Hollywood A-list crowd. I am a person that people look to for style and fashion tips...they depend on us for our life stories and encouragement. This evening, I was all dressed up and felt beautiful, mingling with the "beautiful people" that are there in LA at a large, hip event. I find myself involved with this crazy group of people, worldly and part of the "in-croud". There's laughter and glamour and splendor... The night goes on and I realize I'm not feeling good about these people, this situation...any of it. Then, it's all over. I suppose it's morning because the sun's out again. I'm walking out and that wild group of people is calling out to me...I look over at all the craziness and really see what it is. Those "beautiful people" had lost their outer appearance of beauty and glamour...It was like the light was revealing their true selves - and it was ugly. My mind got really loud, it was traffic, music and lots of light. I remember thinking, "wow I don't know how I got tangled up with these people..."

All of a sudden...silence and darkness...

Then, a moment later, written with fire across the darkness, I read,

Then I woke up and sat up.

Wow. I had this dream about a year ago and still, it sticks with me. What amazing truth that God speaks through dreams! "But do they know me?"...that's the biggest question of all. I may not be on the Hollywood "A-List", but I definitely have people around me that don't know Christ!


Lisa Buffaloe said...

Wow! What a powerful dream. Thank you for sharing, sure does make me want to see life more from His perspective.

Linda Kozar said...

Dear Dannielle--That was so awesome. A Last Day's dream. When I look at some of today's beautiful people I always look at the eyes. It's surprising how wonderful a face or a sculpted body can look but when you look into their eyes, all you see is a dead spirit. Sad.

Janice Pleasant Freel said...

Your dream is a wake up call to all who profess godliness. We must stay in spiritual consciouness and discernment in order to see the hidden darkness of the soul. We should let our light so shine to dispell the darkness and bring others to the marvelous Light.

Kate said...

thanks for sharing such as awesome dream~! I remember the same feeling actually when I went to hear a famous singer at a bar last year. Everyone was so happy (outwardly) but I could feel the spiritual deadness and how they didn't have true joy.