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Friday, November 20, 2009

Confessions of an Angry Christmas Shopper--by Linda Kozar

The malls are already starting to feel a bit crowded. I wandered aimlessly, wondering what to buy. Teens never like anything I like. The same goes for nieces and nephews. My husband is persnickety to buy for (and yes, I've already tried magazine subscriptions thank you). Early Christmas shoppers pass by smiling smugly as they juggle packages on the way to the car. Well, enjoy the glow of the moment why don't you? I've done the early shopping thing too and guess what? You always, always, always forget something!

It's true. In years past, I thought I could avoid crowded malls and throngs of weary shoppers, but try as I might, there was always one more thing I needed. One crucial gift I had to drag myself to the mall for. One reason I drove up and down parking aisles cruising like a Seregetti lioness on the prowl--all for a spot to rest my weary wheels. One reason I tried in vain to dance my way past strollers and people herds (groups of family members or friends who travel in packs). One reason I stood in long lines to buy, to use the restroom or buy a big greasy pretzel and a coke. TO buy that last gift. The one I forgot. Or the one I didn't anticipate having to buy.

But in spite of all my complaints, there's something else I can't deny. The intangible thing about Christmas shopping is there in the midst of all the aggravation and frustration. The excitment!  Yup. There's an electric buzz in the air. A rushing wind of like-mindedness. A shark feeding frenzy kind of feeling. AND sometimes I find myself pausing a moment to sniff the fragrance of Cinnabons in the air, listen to a childen's choir or laugh at a toddler sitting on Santa's lap wondering whether to laugh, cry, pull his beard off or test the efficacy of his diaper.

Okay, so Christmas is fun. Sort of. It's I like singing carols in church. I like the glowy, slightly gawdy look of my home after it's tinselized in seasonal splendor. I love velcro-ing reindeer antlers on my reluctant doggie. . .indulging in candies, dips, breads, eggnog, pies and pastries. . .sharing memories with family, friends and neighbors. . .

Here's a confession I have to make though--I love Jesus all year long, but I'm so glad Christmas is only once a year.

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