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Friday, November 20, 2009

Tethered through the storms, but to what?

Unpacking is not my favorite thing to do. When I moved into the house we are currently in, I am ashamed to admit there were still boxes I had lugged around since I left the house I grew up in. I never opened them, just moved them from dwelling place to dwelling place until finally my husband gave me an ultimatum. It was time to unpack the boxes.

At this point all memory of what was in them had left. To my surprise it was all my school memorabilia: homecoming mums, old notes, yearbooks, awards etc… but deep on the bottom was a little wooden box with a paper bag full of seeds.

I had completely forgotten about them. They came from my boyfriend’s grandmother in North Carolina. On her farm she had a beautiful house where the orchid trees were magnificent unlike anything I had ever seen here in Texas. I saved the seeds that were hanging off of them in hopes to have one of my own someday.

Nineteen years later, here I sit looking out the window at my prized orchid tree. Unfortunately it has just recently blown down onto the neighbor’s fence. This is the second time it has not withstood the winter storms and this will be the second time we will tether it and pull the tree back up to allow its root system to strengthen again.

Looking at that tree made me think about my own life. How strong is our own “root system”? Are we grounded in Christ? Are we rooted in his word? When the bad weather comes do we feel hopelessness and defeat? Do we run to our friends and family or our monetary temporary fixes? I think at times, we all do. But the ultimate fix always goes back to the one who created us. Isn’t it awesome to remember that our Jesus will still pick us up, “tether” us to him and show us how to strengthen our own feet so that each time a storm comes we will grow stronger and more faithful with each trial that blows in?
Today spend some time with Him. Read His word. Just sit and rest in his presence, and when the change in weather comes, he has you covered.

And one more thing…I married the high school boy whose grandmother I visited. It’s a good thing I saved all those boxes, huh? For those of you who know my l7-year-old, DO NOT tell her I went with him and his family on vacation during high school…

Have a great “storm-free” Thanksgiving..
Love you gals,
Dannelle Woody


Kate said...

What an awesome example of faith Dannelle. I loved hearing a bit of your history too :) I am learning to lean on Jesus more and more each day.

Linda Kozar said...

I want one of those seeds, Dannelle! I forgot all about your orchid tree! They're so gorgeous.

dannelle said...

Thanks girls who would like to come over tomorrow and "push" the tree back in place while we re tether it? ....yeah that is what i thought haha...but hey the winds are completely gone.. ;) PTL

Kate said...

um, don't think even I could do that, it's much heavier than a tv, lol