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Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Flowery flip flop Sonnet

Hello ladies! Our babes group just had our annual flip flop exchange, and it inspired me to write a little something about one of my favorite summer accessories.

I love flip-flops. There's something about them that signals summertime and happy days....the gentle flap, flap of rubber hitting concrete; the fresh air tickling my feet; all those pretty, painted toenails coming out of and adults running screaming from the fire ants (Oops! Sorry, I think that's just in Texas). Ok, even with the fire ants, I STILL love flip flops, so here goes:

How do I love my flip flops, let me count the ways:

I love them in the summer, when my feet are fancy-free;

I love them in the winter, in Houston, you will see;

I love them in the springtime, even in the rain;

I love them in the fall, though the days are on the wane.

I love them when it's sunny, 'cuz my feet get toasty tan.

I love them when it's cloudy, I can still be somewhat glam.

I love them when it's raining, they won't fall all apart.

My flip flops, I love you, you're dear to my heart!


1 comment:

Linda Kozar said...

HAHA--Jill, you're a hoot!