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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our Second-to-Last Study of the Spring Semester!

(From left top): Beth, Margaret,
(Bottom): Jill, Mensure', Connie, Kate
(Below): Linda in the middle

Our Babes With A Beatitude study last week at Beth's beautiful home. We squeezed in  two chapters of Revelation, then adjoured to the dining room to choose scrapbook supplies from a catalogue for a mission friend overseas. She wants to work on card crafts with the local ladies. 

We headed out from there to a delicious TexMex lunch at Rico's.#

This past Tuesday, we completed our study of the Book of Revelation. It was an uplifting, utterly amazing year, studying end-time events--one that none of us will ever forget.

Afterward, we exchanged summer flip flops with one another. Hopefully, some of the Babes who took foot pictures will post them! C'mon ladies!

Then we went to lunch at Buca d'Pepo's and since there were ten of us--were able to sit in the Pope room! There's just nothing like a poly-resin image of the pope encased in plexyglass resting atop a lazy susan, to ramp up the excitement over lunch. . .hehe

Our immediate goal was not to eat--but to make our solemn waiter crack a smile! We were about to say grace when the young man came into the room and asked if we needed anything else. Dannelle, a mischievous twinkle in her eye, asked him, "Wanna say grace?" To our surprise, he immediately agreed and a small smile lit up his face. Turns out he was a devout young Christian who happened to be in a serious mood that day. From that point on though, he smiled A LOT! 

Keep visiting the Babes Blog and Web Site!  We'll get those pictures up soon!



Linda Kozar said...

Jill--we are a fun group!

Jillya said...

Hehe, my favorite part is the pope in "poly-resin plexiglass". It was awesome!