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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ode to Little Debbie Spinwheels--By Jill McKechnie

Yes, I know this isn't exactly a devotional, but with summer coming up, and childhood memories returning, I thought, why not?

Little Debbie Spinwheels, your looks are so fine,

When I hold you in my hand, I feel so divine,
your dough is exquisite, your flavor so tasty,
Brown sugar & cinnamon so crunchy and flaky;

Little Debbie Spinwheels I'm glad you are mine,
 I savor every bite when I'm in a bind;
 your middle, how gooey, your color, how pretty

Peeling away your goodness makes me quite dizzy

Little Debbie I've loved you since I was a kid,

But if I gain weight, from you I'll be hid!


Linda Kozar said...

I might have to leave an Ode to Dolly Madison cupcakes now--those chocolaty melt-in-your mouth globs of saturated fat are close to my heart. Or is it my thighs?

Linda Kozar said...

Got this from Margaret--Had to pass it on.

Yes those pinwheels are good especially warm and when you unroll them and eat them like you're lowering spaghetti in your mouth. But I'm with Linda, Give me those gooey chocolate cupcakes that you can first lick that white stuff out of the middle---next eat the cake---then (best last) eat that wonderful icing!!! um-um!! I'm going for my car keys right now !

Linda Kozar said...

Got this from Janice--

Have you people forgotten that I'm on a diet?! This conversation is KILLING me! I now find myself fighting this unbelievable urge to pillage through my pantry for signs of sugar. . .a HUGE no-no!

Janice Hanna Thompson

Anonymous said...

Ok, it's 7:15pm and I'm starving. This talk about gooey chocolate, Dolly Madison, brown sugar and cinnamon. I want to run into my kitchen and consume all the sugar I can get my hands on. Dorothy McCann

Kate said...

Oh Jill, that's just adorable~!

ya, this won't shock you though, will it??? I've never had one, LOL~!

Actually, I do love snack cakes but, it's typically has to have chocolate to entice me. (Don't look Janice) I love the LD Nutty Bars or Hostess cupcakes.