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Thursday, April 1, 2010

An April Fool's Day Blessing--by Linda Kozar

Today, 17 years ago, I was busy giving birth to my April Fool's Day blessing--my youngest daughter, Lauren. If you don't own a copy of Babes With A Beatitude, here's today's entry about her. Would you please wish her a happy birthday?
Building Memories
"Through skillful and godly wisdom is a house (a life, a home, a family) built, and by understanding it is established (on a sound and good foundation).--Proverbs 24:3 (AMP)
My youngest daughter was born on April 1st, and as soon as she was old enough to delight in them, we enjoyed playing April Fool's jokes on her. In fourth grade she asked me to bring birthday cupcakes to school to share with her classmates during their lunch period and to bring her favorite fast food (Chick-fil-a) for lunch. Of course, I agreed.
Instead of her favorite food however, I handed her a regular lunch in a plain brown bag. I could see she was disappointed, but I winked at the teacher who had conspired with me to hide the real lunch. Surrounded by a long table full of classmates and friends, she pulled the sandwich bag out without much enthusiasm. But her eyes, wide as kiwis, stared in disbelief at a sardine, M&M, peanut butter'n mayonaise sandwich, complete with little fishtails sticking out the sides!
A smile blossomed on her sweet face, and between all the laughter and "eeews" of the other kids, she gave me a big hug. 
"Mom that was the best April Fool's joke ever!"
Beatitude Check
Caring for your family means more than just providing for their physical needs. Families thrive on faith, fun, love and laughter. Traditions build strong, abiding relationships--a reflection of our relationship with God the father. Build a strong relationship with your family today:)


Nancy Williams, LPC said...

What a great reminder of the power of creating special memories with those we love...from the big events right down to the every-day life experiences. Life gets so serious for us at times ... its always great when we can add a splash of humor along the journey.

Linda Kozar said...

Thanks Nancy--we should all have memories like that, of fun playful times with those we love.

dwanreed said...

I always forget about April fools day until my kids come home from school full of tricks. You have a wonderful reminder, Linda, on this sweet day. I hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday.

Linda Kozar said...

Thanks so much Dwan! I am so very thankful to God for her--for both my wonderful children:)

Kate said...

Happy Birthday Lauren~! I was out of town or I would have wished on you yesterday :)

Linda Kozar said...

Kate--I'll tell her! Hope you had a Holy Ghost time, girl!