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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sunshine and Lollipops--by Linda Kozar

Do you ever wake up in the morning and feel absolutely wonderful? 
No aches or pains--just a marvelous feeling of well being. And happy. So happy you feel like skipping.
I'm not done yet.
You have a good hair day. Your clothes fit. Your shoes don't hurt. Your children obey. You win at Monopoly. (I'm talking Boardwalk, Park Place and owning ALL the railroads and utilities). You score the perfect parking spot at the mall. You find $100 bill on the ground on your way into the mall. Everything you want to buy is half-price but when you get to the register, it's 75% off!
Stay with me.
You arrive home to find your husband cooking dinner. Afterwards, he takes out the garbage, cleans up the kitchen, sweeps, mops, then vacuums the entire house. Then you sit on the sofa together and actually talk. Well, actually he sits there and listens to you talk. REALLY listens. No bobble-head kind of listening going on.
Then your husband asks if he can read a love sonnet to you. It's so beautiful, tears well up in your eyes (tears of joy) but then he tells you he actually wrote it just for you--skipping lunch to toil over it every day for a month. AND he made a colorful toaster cozy for you from elbow pasta and dried beans.
At the end of the day, you lay your head upon your perfect lavender-scented pillow and instantly fall into REM sleep. You dream of puppies and rainbows and lollipops.
The end of a perfect day.
We all dream of days like that. But the reality is we only experience moments like that. The closest I ever came to a perfect day was winning at goofy golf. No seriously, I made a hole-in-one through almost the entire course without even trying! It was awesome!
But then there's heaven. . .
Heaven is an eternal day. There are no shadows in God's eternity. His days and His ways are perfect. Our idea of the perfect day here on earth is only a shadow of what God's has prepared for His people. THE perfect day.
So tomorrow when you spill a five pound bag of flour on the kitchen floor and the kids forget their lunch and you have to make a special trip to the school and the dog is sick and your car breaks down and you're overdrawn at the bank--THINK of that perfect someday in eternity and praise the Lord for your days here on earth with those you love. Our imperfect days test us--often to our limits, but cause us to grow in Christ, in perfect faith. 
Have a blessed day my friends. A sunshine and lollipop kind of day!


Connie P. said...

Linda, thanks for that timely reminder. Jesus promised we'd have tribulation here, but He also promised He's prepared a wonderful place for us! Why do we so often focus on the immediate instead of the eternal?

Anonymous said...

wow, awesome day Linda and cracking up trying to picture my engineer husband writing poetry and doing crafts, hehe. But seriously, I look forward to that day when living with Jesus gives us nothing but joy :) I'm sure He will bring along some chocolate too, grin.

(you are such an awesome writer~!)

Linda Kozar said...

Connie, Kate--Is it too much to dream of my husband making me a toaster cozy out of pasta and dried beans?

Jillya said...

You are such a hoot!! I love the photo especially!

Anonymous said...

well, Linda, I shudder to think of the mush factor on the pasta/bean cozie, but yes, yes you ARE the more visionary one. ~kate

Lisa Buffaloe said...

Love the post, Linda! Thanks for the fun visuals for today and the hope for tomorrow that those perfect days are a coming!

Linda Kozar said...

Jill!!! I miss your sweet face.

And the picture of me was fun--made on my Mac--I was shooting for the Sunshiny Baby head look on Tela Tubbies:)

Jillya said...

Ha! Love the teletubby look.

Carla McDougal said...

Love your post this morning! Thank you for sharing your heart with us. I am inspired to look for God's hand in every moment of my day.

Linda Kozar said...

HeHe--Thanks Carla. Sometimes I wish we really did have days like that! But the goofy golf thing was totally true--I've never played such a good game since that day:)