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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good to the Last Drop--by Nancy Williams, LPC

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Bethany House Publishers, Spring 2011
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Today is one of those great Spring days. Cloudless blue sky, temperature dancing in the high 70’s, a gentle breeze blowing the new leaves emerging on our trees. Vibrant colors popping up all over. I love this season so I took time this morning to sit outside with a fresh cup of coffee and greet the birds that came to serenade. Unlike some of you who jump out of bed and hurry into your day, I like to ease my way into my schedule and I can’t think of any better way than with beautiful weather, nature’s delights and a fresh cup of coffee.
Have you enjoyed a fresh cup of coffee lately? Not one from a pot that was left sitting on the burner too long. Not one you set aside and let get cold. Not a stale cup you’ve tried to re-warm. I’m talking about savoring a fresh brewed cup of coffee. Whether you prepare it yourself or visit a local coffee shop, freshness is key.
Making a tasteful cup of coffee begins with a coffee maker that connects to a strong power source. Then you need a clean pot that’s free of residue and without cracks that might lead to leaks. You’ll also need a filter to separate the grinds from the final brew. Then there are the ingredients—clean water and fresh ground coffee beans. We might have the same type of coffee brewing system; however, each of us can choose the blend of coffee that reflects our personal taste. Flavored? Decaf? Chicory? Mild?
Coffeemaker plugged in. Filter and ingredients in place. The “on” button tapped. Now it’s time to do what doesn’t come easily to many of us: wait. Not my preference, certainly. After all, when I want a cup of coffee, I’m typically ready for it right then. I don’t want to stand by and wait. Fast food restaurants and convenience stores know about our impatience, so they have coffee waiting for us to grab and go. The problem there? It’s not always fresh. Perhaps it’s true that some things are, indeed, worth waiting for. So, we wait.
In due time, cold water and ground beans brew into a sweet aroma and full flavored beverage. As you pour a cup, you realize it’s more than simply drinking a hot liquid. It’s the experience of letting the cup’s warmth permeate your hands as you gently savor each sip. In the morning, that first cup is a gentle nudge to greet a new day and prepare to experience what’s in store. Mid afternoon sometimes calls for a “pick-me-up.” Coffee after a meal invites companions to linger awhile and share a slice of life.    
While enjoying a fresh brewed cup of coffee this morning, I began to look beyond my cup to the process of living life itself. Can we experience a “fresh brewed” life?  Perhaps it starts with a well-made coffee maker connected to a strong power source. For me, personally, God fuels the energy I need to make life work day after day, as I stay connected to Him. Then I need to make sure my “container”—my mind and heart through which the essence of my life flows—is clean and free of past residue that might alter the
flow or affect the taste. I also need a good filter to sift out harmful impurities. Ingredients are the next consideration. How will I blend talents, beliefs, opportunities and relationships to create the freshness of life I want to experience? And what about choices? Do I merely settle for what others are having? Or, am I willing to explore possibilities and choose something that fits the blend of life I desire? Then, there’s the waiting. Whether I’m brewing coffee or allowing time for things to come together in my life, sometimes I must patiently wait.
Today’s a perfect day to savor coffee and savor life; to delight our senses and energize our spirits. God has blessed us with opportunities to experience life to the fullest. Now it’s up to us to brew a fresh cup each day, savor its richness and do all we can to make it “good to the last drop.” Enjoy!

Nancy Williams, LPC is a licensed professional counselor, life coach, speaker and writer. Send questions or comments to her at

From Nancy's Tribune Column – Keeping Your Balance, Nancy Williams, LPC
 Print Date – April 14, 2010


Linda Kozar said...

Nancy--I want to live a fresh-brewed life too. Excellent analogy. Thought-provoking:) Thanks.

Linda Kozar said...
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Nancy Williams, LPC said...

Waiting for my coffee to brew this morning, anticipating a delicious, fresh cup to start the day ... and wondering what God is brewing up for me this day. I want to be ready to savor every drop.

Jillya said...

Nancy, thank you so much for this wonderful, refreshing, pick-me-up and reminder that God does have a good plan for us, if only we'll reach for it!

Dannelle Woody said...

Love Love Love this devo! Thanks Nancy.. ; )


Nancy Williams, LPC said...

Jillya and Dannelle ... glad you stopped by for a "sip." We can get so busy with things, before we know it our coffee has gotten cold or stale. I do that with my coffee more often then I'd like to admit :-) So, so important to have a fresh cup each day. Enjoy!!